Four Things to Consider Before Buying a Vehicle Fire Suppression System – as featured in SWANA “Talking Trash”

Published on August 23, 2017

  As featured in SWANA Florida’s Summer 2017 edition of Talking Trash.   Four Things to Consider Before Buying a Vehicle Fire Suppression System Fire puts operators in danger, leads to costly machine repairs or replacement, and lost productivity due to downtime. The vehicle fire suppression industry is based on these simple facts, but how… Read more

Fire Suppression Systems in the Oil & Gas Industry

Published on March 1, 2017

Fire is the worst thing that can happen to an oil & natural gas collection site. All the time, effort and resources dedicated to a well pad can literally go up in smoke in minutes, as was the case recently in Monroe County, Ohio. In this instance there were thankfully no injuries, but there was… Read more

Side-Cartridge vs. Stored Pressure

Published on August 14, 2015

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN STORED PRESSURE AND SIDE CARTRIDGE OPERATED EXTINGUISHERS? Stored pressure extinguishers have the compressed nitrogen gas that is used as the propellant for the dry chemical agent stored in the same canister as the dry chemical. Side cartridge operated units store the dry chemical in a non-pressurized container and the compressed… Read more

TELEMATICS: When Do You Want To Know Your Machine Is On Fire?

Published on January 28, 2014

As published in Heavy Equipment Guide magazine. Because fire by nature is unpredictable, proactive companies choose to invest in fire suppression systems for their fleets of mobile heavy equipment. But at any given moment it is difficult to know if these systems in the field are fully functional, ready to protect your assets. Fortunately, that… Read more

Choosing the Right Fire Suppression System

Published on December 20, 2013

           There is no one size fits all solution for fire protection. When choosing your fire suppression system, consider the unique hazards of your machine. AFEX offers dry chemical, liquid agent, and dual agent fire suppression systems in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet your needs. To determine the appropriate… Read more

Hey Grinder Guy, Are These Fire Suppression Systems Worth The Money?

Published on December 12, 2013

As printed in the December 2013 issue of WHEN (Waste Handling Equipment News) By Dave Whitelaw Well, it’s not like you are putting a sprinkler system in your house to protect your family, but for most guys, your grinder is your lifeline. If it doesn’t work, neither do you. I personally have not had any… Read more

Landfill Trash Compactor Fire Prevention and Suppression Best Practices

Published on November 13, 2013

When it comes to preventing fires on the heavy equipment at landfills, the first line of defense will always be keeping machines clean and well maintained. Using compressed air to clear out the radiator and other areas that tend to gather debris is a common way to do this, and doing it frequently is the… Read more

Reducing Fire Suppression System Maintenance Costs

Published on September 12, 2013

AFEX dry chemical and liquid agent fire suppression systems are built for heavy equipment. This rugged, purpose built, design can help you save money on your ongoing fire suppression system maintenance costs. MAINTENANCE COST COMPARISON All dry chemical agent suppression systems must be serviced at least semiannually per National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) Standard 17,… Read more