Building A Better Fire Protection Solution

Construction machinery works long hours under demanding conditions. Mechanical failures are an unavoidable part of doing business, which is why it is so important to have your equipment protected from expensive fires that can often result in a total loss. And now, with the arrival of TIER 4 engines that are running hotter than ever, the risk of fire has been compounded. Utilizing a dual agent system that can address these high temperatures is the most efficient approach to fire protection, and AFEX leads the heavy equipment industry in this area.

AFEX has dedicated over 45 years of hard work to the research, design, and production of fire suppression systems for heavy equipment. Our systems are rugged, reliable, and effective. They are also easily serviced in the field using common hand tools, reducing the amount of downtime and lost productivity experienced as the result of a fire.

If you’re looking to protect your equipment from fires, an AFEX fire suppression system is your solution. Together we can design a fire suppression that fits your fire protection needs. Contact us today.