Fire Protection For Wood Processing Equipment

The equipment used for handling wood and paper products operates in an environment that has many unique fire hazards, including combustible debris. Wood chips exposed to oil and heat can quickly lead to a fire and put safety, capital, and production at risk. Fires can even occur after hours when machines are unsupervised if debris is allowed to smolder. While good machine housekeeping will help to reduce your fire risks, a fire suppression system is still necessary to ensure your machine is properly protected.

An AFEX fire suppression system provides effective fire protection and actively monitors your machines. Even if the plant has shutdown for the day, the system remains ready to automatically discharge in the event of a fire. That's why Georgia-Pacific, International Paper, Westvaco, and Weyerhaeuser all choose AFEX to protect their machines. AFEX systems are commonly installed on chippers, grinders, dozers, wheel loaders, excavators and log stackers.

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