Our side-cartridge operated extinguishers are a critical component of an effective fire protection program.

AFEX portables are UL-listed and meet DOT specifications.  They feature a corrosion and chip resistant finish to withstand the abusive environment in which your equipment operates. The side-cartridge operated design provides effectiveness, reliability, and ease of use. Even the mounting brackets are heavy duty, ensuring that your extinguisher will be where you need it when you need it.

AFEX side-cartridge operated portables are available in 10, 20, and 30 lb. sizes.


For maximum effectiveness, use the PASS method when operating a portable fire extinguisher:
Pull the safety pin and depress the lever
Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire, not at the flames
Squeeze the handle to discharge the agent
Sweep the nozzle from side to side

Ensure that you maintain a safe distance from the fire while operating the fire extinguisher.

Contact your local AFEX distributor for more information.