Reducing Fire Suppression System Maintenance Costs


AFEX dry chemical and liquid agent fire suppression systems are built for heavy equipment. This rugged, purpose built, design can help you save money on your ongoing fire suppression system maintenance costs.


All dry chemical agent suppression systems must be serviced at least semiannually per National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) Standard 17, however your maintenance costs can vary greatly based on the system you choose. The maintenance costs below reflect the actual part replacement costs incurred during a semiannual inspection for a mining customer that has both AFEX and non-AFEX systems installed on site.

AFEX (18 systems)

Fittings and connectors $289.98
Hose $172.90 Nozzles $107.46
Stainless steel tubing $48.60

Total Cost of Replacement Parts $618.94
Average Cost Per Machine $34.39


Non-AFEX (10 systems)

Fittings and connectors $643.20
Hose $1,376.50
Nozzles and nozzle caps $204.00
Batteries $1,410.00

Total Cost of Replacement Parts $3,633.70
Average Cost Per Machine $363.37


Because AFEX has dedicated over 45 years of research, design, and development to heavy equipment fire suppression systems, we are able to bring the best solutions to the market. Whereas other manufacturers must divide their resources amongst their other product lines, such as restaurant or industrial applications, AFEX is 100% focused on heavy equipment, enabling us to build the most reliable, most effective, and most durable heavy equipment fire suppression systems available.