• Mining Vehicle Hauling a Heavy Load with Fire Suppression Systems


  • Fleet of Liberty Frac Pumps with AFEX Fire Suppression Systems at Oil, Gas and Energy Application



  • Welder Working on Steel Tubing for AFEX Fire Suppression Systems


We know fire protection for heavy equipment

AFEX Fire Suppression Systems has been providing rugged, reliable fire protection services for heavy equipment for over 50 years. In fact, it’s all we do. We’re the number one manufacturer of fire suppression systems in the Americas with a distribution network that covers the globe. Our systems effectively detect and protect against threats ranging from engine to debris fires to protect your people and investments.

To what do we attribute our success?


We only produce suppression systems for heavy machinery, allowing us to fine tune a solution that is reliable and of the highest quality.


We’ve been outfitting machines at mines, oil fields, construction sites, and the like for over 5 decades. We know that one size does not fit all, so we work with you to find a fire protection solution to meet the unique fire hazards of your machines.


Our in-house sales and support teams as well as our trained network of distributors always put your needs first. We’re there from the quote process to installation and through service and support.

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AFEX distributor installing a new AFEX Heavy Equipment Fire Suppression System on a CAT truck

We Do

Fire Suppression Systems Tanks Protect Heavy Equipment Investments

Fire Suppression Systems

Heavy equipment fire suppression systems protect against threats to operators, assets and productivity. Our suppression equipment is rugged, reliable and easy to maintain. We offer dry chemical, liquid chemical and dual agent systems.


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Conducting an Equipment Fire Risk Assessment for New Fire Suppression Equipment

Fire Risk Assessments

Interested in protecting your equipment against fire? Our Fire Risk Assessment is the first step to selecting the best system for your vehicle. Together we’ll identify potential ignition and fuel sources, hardware requirements and more.


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heavy equipment truck hauling coal from mine


Our suppression systems are built to last in a variety of applications. Explore some of the most common industries where you’ll find our rugged fire suppression systems on heavy equipment, including mining, forestry, and steel and slag


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How It

The video below demonstrates how fire suppression systems work to mitigate the threat of fire on heavy equipment through our three-step process of detection, actuation and distribution.



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