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AFEX is leading the heavy equipment fire suppression market, providing rugged and reliable systems to customers across the world. We are a family business with 50+ years of experience designing systems that function and protect against fire without ever deterring operations. Our promise is one of dedication – dedicating to help you protect your people and your investments from fire loss.

The AFEX Difference

At AFEX, we don’t believe “more is better;” we believe “better is better.” And this motto has driven us to continually seek improvement in our core group of solutions: fire suppression for heavy equipment. This specialization allows us to truly consult you on the appropriate solutions for your unique equipment and applications. This is the AFEX difference.

  • Specialized products with the latest technologies
  • 50+ years of discovery, innovation, manufacturing and testing = a proven field experience
  • Reliable, compliant systems to meet rigorous environmental demands
  • Customized systems to fit the specific needs of the equipment and application
  • Innovative designs for easy service and maintenance
  • International scope backed by a trained network of responsive distribution, service and support partners

The bottom line? AFEX is a fire protection company that designs and builds systems to protect heavy equipment from downtime or loss due to a fire.


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