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At AFEX, we don't believe "more is better". We believe better is better. We're dedicated to providing our customers with appropriate solutions backed by integrity and experience. Our products employ the latest technologies and standards to meet the rigorous demands on our system and the equipment it protects. Our solutions are backed by 50 years of proven field experience and rigorous third-party testing and approvals. Stainless steel tubing makes for a durable system with lower maintenance costs and our hinged nozzles provide superior area coverage. Our side cartridge design makes our system more reliable and our dual agent system offers the best performance for your equipment.

A fire suppression system for heavy equipment is a specialized unit that is built to extinguish fires on heavy duty mobile vehicles through the application of chemical suppression substances. These systems have built in components that detect fires in the beginning stages through smoke, heat, and other indicators.

The AFEX fire suppression system is purpose built for the most heavy duty machines out there. Excavators, harvesters, frac pumps, tunnel boring machines, compactors, loaders, dozers, drills, underground trucks and more. The AFEX system is rugged and dependable, able to withstand the everyday heavy abuse your vehicle takes. AFEX systems protect all types of equipment across all of the heavy industries.

No, AFEX is a vehicle system manufacturer focused on heavy equipment. It’s all we do and we do it better than anyone else.

Yes! AFEX is a globally distributed fire suppression system, we have distributors across the globe ready and able to install and service your equipment. Contact us to be connected to the distributor in your area.


AFEX offers dry chemical, liquid agent, and dual agent systems that are designed to limit damage to your machine in the event of a fire. The systems may be activated manually or automatically.

That depends. Have you had a fire risk assessment done? Dual agent systems are recommended by the NFPA and AFEX based on key factors such as the amount of hydraulics, Tier IV engines, or additional heat sources in the operating environment. Contact us and we will assist you will your fire risk assessment.

Dual agent fires suppression systems are the best fire protection scheme available. They target specific fire risks on heavy duty equipment instead of using a one size fits all approach. Liquid agent is used for surface cooling on AB type fires. ABC Dry powder agent is used for fast knockdown of fire in hard to reach areas. This combination of agent types allows for the best attributes of each agent to be used to protect heavy equipment investments.

Yes, the AFEX fire suppression system is fully automatic and can operate effectively with no human intervention. 

We integrate the AFEX system into your machine using stainless steel tubing because our systems are built to last. Stainless steel is durable and reliable and able to withstand heavy duty work. This cuts down on maintenance cost over time and is more durable when compared to hoses.

Stored pressure vessels contain both agent and the propellant gas in the same container. Side cartridge designs, like AFEX fire suppression systems, separate Nitrogen propellant into its own container apart from the agent. Side cartridge units are preferred over stored pressure vessels industry wide in the heavy mobile equipment market because of their heavy-duty construction; simple design that eliminates failure points; ease of on-site serviceability; low maintenance requirements; and installation without the need for any special tools.

Yes! The AFEX Control Unit offers multiple flexible input and output connections for integrating your AFEX fire suppression system with your vehicle telematics system. This enhanced connectivity can allow you to check the system status remotely, alert your service provider in the event of a system discharge, and even allow you to discharge the system via remote control.


Factory Mutual Heavy-Duty Mobile Equipment (FM HDME) is testing approval for vehicle mounted fire suppression systems. It is the industry's most comprehensive and rigorous testing program for vehicle fire suppression systems. Installing a system that is FM HDME certified ensures a product that has been purpose-built, properly tested, and vetted for the environments where your heavy duty equipment works.

AFEX has been FM 5970 and FM HDME approved since 2017.

AFEX systems are backed by 50 years of proven field experience and rigorous third-party testing and approvals. AFEX dry chemical, liquid agent, and dual agent systems carry Factory Mutual and ActivFire approvals and are Australian Standard 5062 compliant. Our systems are also certified for use in CE compliant countries and Russia.

These third-party approvals are critical to ensuring that the system has been properly designed to protect your equipment. AFEX fire suppression systems are tested and approved specifically for use on off-road equipment, and follow the appropriate standards such as AS 5062 and FM HDME.

AFEX recommends fire suppression system maintenance every 3-4 months. The NFPA requires an inspection every 6 months.

AFEX goes above the NFPA requirement because we know heavy equipment operates in rough environments. Proper inspections and maintenance will ensure your system is there when you need it.

The National Fire Protection Association requires inspections be done by an AFEX-trained service technician.

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