Coal Age Features AFEX In Its Operating Ideas Section

Raleigh, N.C. – In conjunction with AFEX, Coal Age Magazine has published an article entitled “Combining the Benefits of Dry and Liquid Agents for a Better Fire Suppression System” in its November issue.

The article provides an overview of the differences between a dual agent system and a liquid-only system. Some of the particulars covered are the value of utilizing a dry chemical agent and, conversely, the need for significantly more agent when utilizing liquid alone.

AFEX System Profiled in Mining Industry Trade Magazine

Raleigh, N.C. – In conjunction with AFEX, the Canadian Mining Journal has published a Special Report entitled "COMBATING MACHINE FIRES: What To Look For In A Fire Suppression System" in its December issue. As Canada's first mining publication, the magazine provides information on mining and exploration trends, technologies, mining operations, corporate developments and industry events. The article provides an overview of key considerations for purchasing agents in the market for vehicle fire suppression systems. It covers some particulars about the features and benefits of a rugged, purpose-built system. The digital edition can be accessed here.

For over 45 years, AFEX has been designing and manufacturing purpose-built fire suppression systems for off-road heavy equipment. To learn more about why AFEX is the #1 manufacturer of vehicle fire suppression systems in the Americas, visit or contact AFEX directly at 919-781-6610.

AFEX Dual Agent System Profiled In International Mining Magazine

AFEX would like to thank International Mining magazine for including our fire suppression system in the safety section of their October 2015 issue. The mention focuses on the fact that our systems are rugged and easily serviced. Also included was the fact that our Dual Agent systems provide the most efficient coverage available on the market. They are the best approach to protecting modern equipment, which have hotter-running engines, as they have both fast flame knockdown and a cooling effect to reduce engine surface temperatures.

AFEX Is Exhibiting At The 31st International Mining Convention in Acapulco

AFEX will be in Booth 041 along with our distribution partner Resisa. On display will be a demonstration model of a dual agent system, showcasing the rugged and robust components which have made AFEX the leading manufacturer of fire suppression systems throughout the Americas.

The 31st International Mining Convention is organized by the Asociación de Ingenieros de Minas, Metalurgistas y Geólogos de México, A.C., and takes place from October 7-10, 2015 at the conference center Mundo Imperial, located in the Port of Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico.

This trade show has been held since 1955 and has become one of the most important meetings in Latin America. In addition to the high-level technical program, the Convention will also include an exhibition of mining machinery, equipment and services, showcasing the most modern mining technologies.

The convention is attended by ten thousand people from all sectors, by the most important companies of the Mexican mining industry, and by visitors from at least 20 countries.

AFEX Gets Specific About Fire Suppression Options and Advantages at Bluefield Coal Show

Raleigh, NC FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Bluefield Coal Show organizers invited Brad Lamberton, Director of Business development for AFEX Fire Suppression Systems, to present the options and advantages of vehicle fire suppression at their 2015 event. Among those in attendance at the talk was Mr. John Burkhart, Sales & Marketing Manager for Carroll Engineering Co., who says, “Brad Lamberton did an excellent job presenting the key differences and advantages the AFEX system brings to market. Customers really do have another choice in fire suppression, and Carroll Engineering Co. is proud to be able to offer sales, support and service of this quality safety product to our customers."

Mr. Lamberton was able to demonstrate how the AFEX Fire Suppression System differs from other options, and discussed the benefits in using the AFEX Side Cartridge System, with a Control Unit Monitor and Stainless Steel Distribution. Dave Tobery, of Superior Technologies LLC says “…the presentation was spot on, Brad was able to explain the product in its entirety. I thought the product was very well built.”

AFEX always looks forward to attending the Bluefield Coal Show and were honored to be one of the presenters this year. "A highlight of the Coal Show is always the tradition of the two Technical Sessions in the tent," said Bill Reid, publisher and managing editor and chairman and moderator of the sessions. "Brad Lamberton pointed out there really is an alternative manufacturer with a complete range of fire suppression systems for mining equipment and other heavy equipment. This is certainly good for the industry to know."

For over 45 years, AFEX has been designing and manufacturing purpose-built fire suppression systems for off-road heavy equipment. To learn more about why AFEX is the #1 manufacturer of vehicle fire suppression systems in the Americas, visit or contact AFEX directly at 919-781-6610.

AFEX Joining Partner Hometown Trolley at BusCon

AFEX Fire Suppression Systems is looking forward to attending the BusCon Expo, running from September 28-30 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. Hometown Trolley will be showing one of their beautiful "Streetcar" models in Booth 1610. Come by and talk to us about why AFEX is the #1 manufacturer of vehicle fire suppression systems in the Americas. ABOUT THE EVENT: BusCon is all about technology. You’ll learn about the latest in alternative fuels and other green technologies; telematics; buses, motorcoaches, vans, shuttles and other vehicles; safety; accessible transportation; regulatory issues; training and more.

Join AFEX and Fireno at Perumin 32

AFEX and our distributor Fireno are exhibiting at Perumin 32 September 21-25. Visit us in Pavilion 1, Stand 135.

ABOUT THE SHOW - Rated as the most important mining show in the world, the 32nd Mining Convention will host more than 100 thousand attendees, business and governmental delegations from more than 50 countries and more than a hundred of world-class lecturers that will teach during the five academic and business meetings.

AFEX to Exhibit at the International Mining Exhibition (EXPOSIBRAM)

We are joining our distribution partner Grupo Franzen in Stand Y46 at the trade show. If you will be in attendance, be sure to visit with our Director of Int'l Business Development, Mr. William James.

ABOUT THE SHOW - The largest mining trade fair in Latin America, EXPOSIBRAM 2015 features 15,000 m² of stands, represented by the major mining companies with global operations as well as big suppliers of products and services. Innovations in technology, equipment, software and other products related to the mining industry, and information about investment and management are released and presented at the event.

AFEX Fire Suppression Systems At SWANA’S Wastecon Show

We would like to thank our distributors ASFE and FQS Bear Equipment for featuring the AFEX brand of fire suppression systems at their trade show booths in Orlando next week from the 24th to the 27th. Be sure to visit them at Booths 601 and 1740 respectively in order to learn more about why we are the #1 fire suppression manufacturer in the Americas.

AFEX to Exhibit with Firestorm Fire Protection at AIMEX Trade Show

Raleigh, NC, USA – AFEX Fire Suppression Systems is pleased to announce that Firestorm Fire Protection, its distribution partner in Australia, will be exhibiting a demonstration model of a dual agent fire suppression system at Stand 1419 at the AIMEX trade show in Sydney, which runs from the 1st – 4th of September. The companies are looking forward to introducing this next generation of vehicle fire protection to the Australian market.

“To keep current with the advances equipment manufacturers are making, standards in fire suppression must evolve. Dual agent fire suppression systems represent the next generation of protection,” said AFEX VP of Operations, Mr. Mark Cavallaro. “Our testing has confirmed that combining the strengths of a liquid agent with the strengths of a dry chemical creates an effective hybrid system that can’t be rivaled for its speed or overall performance.”

AFEX systems are dispatch program compatible and ready to interface with autonomous vehicles, two other ways in which they have mirrored industry trends and stayed at the forefront of the fire suppression industry.

About Firestorm

Firestorm Fire Protection supplies fire suppression systems to the mining & heavy industry, construction, equipment and transport sectors. The Firestorm Group continually research, source and test emerging and innovative technology. For more information, please visit or contact them directly at (02) 4932 3644.

Side-Cartridge vs. Stored Pressure


Stored pressure extinguishers have the compressed nitrogen gas that is used as the propellant for the dry chemical agent stored in the same canister as the dry chemical. Side cartridge operated units store the dry chemical in a non-pressurized container and the compressed nitrogen gas in a separate cartridge. Only at the time of actuation is the extinguisher under pressure and then only briefly.


Settling and compaction are common to both stored pressure and side cartridge operated extinguishers when they are installed on vehicles. This is a result of the vibration inherent to that application. Side Cartridge units are designed to fluff the powder before discharge. The gas passes through perforations in the gas tube, breaking up and fluffing the powder before discharge.


No. The specific gravity of nitrogen is .97 and the specific gravity of A:B:C powder is 1.8. In an extinguisher, these materials will settle according to their specific gravity, with the heaviest settling to the bottom. As the A:B:C powder is heavier than the nitrogen gas, such a mixture will not stay in suspension.


In side cartridge operated extinguishers the nitrogen gas is introduced to the extinguisher through a tube with gas escape ports designed to break up and fluidize the dry chemical before it is forced out the extinguisher to the distribution network. Stored pressure units depend upon the downward pressure of the nitrogen gas to force the compacted powder back up a siphon tube and out


The National Fire Protection Association, in its Standard No. 17, the Standard for Dry Chemical Extinguishing Systems, outlines the monthly and semi-annual inspection requirements for both stored pressure and side cartridge operated systems.

Stored pressure extinguishers must be de-pressurized, the valve assemblies rebuilt and the dry chemical removed and replaced every six years. No other inspections are required to determine if the dry chemical has been contaminated, is clumped, or if the siphon tube has been damaged. Because special equipment is required to perform this service, the extinguisher must be removed from the installation and taken to a service facility. The dry chemical in side cartridge operated units is to be inspected every six months. This can be done quickly on site by simply removing the extinguisher cap. The Dry Chemical needs to be replaced only if it is clumped or shows evidence of moisture.


Pressure gauges are used on stored pressure units to indicate if they are properly charged. However, experience has shown that those gauges are not reliable indicators of the working condition of the extinguisher. These inexpensive gauges are known to have the pointer stick to the lens of the gauge and to have the bordon tube (which controls the movement of the indicator needle) take a memory set and cause the needle not to move. The accuracy of these gauges is reflective of their cost – less than $1 each. Relying on these gauges to indicate the readiness of the system, or even just the extinguisher, would be risky.

The working condition of a fire suppression system cannot be revealed simply by the status of a pressure gauge. The condition of the actuation hose, the condition of the sensors and detection system, and the condition of the distribution system are key issues as well. There is no substitute for a thorough examination of the system on a regular periodic basis for assessing its readiness.


Stored pressure extinguishers depend upon rubber “O” rings on the valve stem and in the valve assembly to seal the compressed nitrogen gas in the extinguisher. These “O” rings can be deformed by vibration or improper installation, allowing the pressure to leak. These units have

a vent check on the control head whose purpose is to bleed off any pressure that can cause the control head to pre-maturely discharge the agent cylinder. Pressure gauges are installed on stored pressure units to monitor the rate of leakage. Side cartridge units are “sealed for life” with a bronze disc. These units need only to be weighed to verify they are properly filled.


The difference between side cartridge and stored pressure extinguishers is found in more than just their design. Each type will do well when used in the right application and in the right environment. The secret is knowing when and where to use each type. The state of the art side cartridge units are preferred industry wide in the heavy mobile equipment market for the following reasons:

  • heavy duty construction,
  • simple design eliminates failure points,
  • easily serviced on-site,
  • low maintenance,
  • no special tools required,
  • 50 years of vehicle fire protection.

Stored pressure units share their niche with side cartridge operated units as hand held portable extinguishers, and in stationary situations such as protecting restaurant range hoods and electrical switching stations.

AFEX Fire Suppression Systems to Present at the Bluefield Coal Show on September 16th

We are giving a presentation entitled, “Mobile Fire Suppression: Choices & Advantages” on September 16th at 3:15 PM at the Bluefield Coal Show. Join our Director of Business Development, Mr. Brad Lamberton, to learn more about these important safety accessories and the role they play in the mining industry. The event runs from the 16th - 18th and is sponsored by the Greater Bluefield Chamber of Commerce.