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As a lubrication dealer installing systems on heavy-duty mobile equipment, your team is already positioned to bring on another revenue stream – fire suppression systems. We’ve partnered with lubrication dealers across the globe who have surpassed their lubrication success by adding fire suppression systems to their product portfolio. Afterall, lubrication and fire suppression go great together.

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AFEX fire suppression system on a heavy duty machine, installed next to an automatic lubrication system

Why Partner with AFEX?

When you bring on a new product or solution, you require an offering that is well built, reliable, and elicits trust with your clients. For 50+ years, AFEX has specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of fire suppression systems for heavy-duty equipment. Mining, forestry, waste, and similar operations around the world trust AFEX to mitigate the impacts of fire with the goal of protecting their mobile assets, productivity, and – most importantly – their people.

B&B Hydraulics, Midwestern Lubrication Dealer, Teams Up with AFEX

B&B Hydraulics is headquartered in the Midwest USA and offers a wide product portfolio specific to outfitting and repairing vehicles with parts ranging from hydraulic cylinders, automated lubrication, motors, hoses, and more. In 2021, they decided to explore adding fire suppression system solutions to their existing product line.

“When our customers started requesting help with fire suppression systems on their heavy equipment, we researched what manufacturer we wanted to partner with. We decided AFEX was the best solution based on system quality, function, and reliability. Bottom line, the AFEX product line offers the best industry standard.” – Jared Gilstrap, General Sales Manager

And once B&B Hydraulics decided to move forward with the partnership, AFEX provided comprehensive distributor onboarding, including sales training, marketing guidance, hands-on installation and maintenance support, and much more.

Read more about B&B's experience as a lubrication dealer adding fire suppression.

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