This is All We Do: The specialists in Heavy Equipment FIre Protection title card for Youtube with an afex technician installing a dual agent fire suppression system

Welcome to AFEX Fire Suppression Systems, where expertise meets excellence in heavy equipment fire protection. We believe in every fiber of our body that doing one thing and one thing only is the way to be the best at it. 

As specialists in our field, we're dedicated to one goal: safeguarding your valuable assets from fire hazards. With years of experience and a team of experts, we understand the unique challenges heavy-duty equipment faces. 

Our systems are tailored to protect your people, machines, and production processes, ensuring uninterrupted operations and peace of mind. Trust AFEX for the best-in-class fire protection solutions. 

Transcript – “This Is All We Do: The Specialists in Heavy Equipment Fire Protection” 

0:05 - When people buy from AFEX, they’re not just buying a product. They’re partnering with us.

0:11 - The people who use AFEX are the ones that really value protecting their equipment and value protecting the lives of the operators.

0:18 - It doesn’t take but one event to pay for the entire fleet. What we’re interested in is we’re interested in keeping your machines running and keeping them productive and keeping lives safe.

0:27 - We believe in every fiber of our body that doing one thing and one thing only is the only way to be the best at it. So that’s all we do. We only protect heavy offroad equipment.

0:38 - We don’t dabble in kitchen fire suppression or hotels or buildings. We protect the smallest machines in the world to the largest excavators in the world.

0:48 - These machines cost a lot of money, but they also make a lot of money per hour. So, in the event a machine goes down, you lose all that production time. You lose a machine in a fire, it might take you 12 months to be able to get the next truck to come in. Hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars are on the line every day for these people.

1:05 - All our resources go into the design, the testing, and the manufacturing of a fire suppression system that’s going to be used on heavy-duty mobile equipment.

1:16 - Our system basically needs to work when it’s required to work and that’s the only time you want to know that it’s there. We’re a product that can’t break down. It has to withstand all kinds of environments.

1:24 - In Antarctica. In the jungle of Panama. In the Amazon. Our system is so robust, it can withstand the most extreme temperatures.

1:33 - Our customers can be confident in what kind of product they’re going to get. One that can withstand the rigors of the environment that it operates in.

1:41 - Take something like our Control Unit. That’s our brain box. We took that Control Unit, we put it in a chamber at over 140 degrees with tons of moisture. We took it, we dropped it down into a freezer at -40 degrees. We put it on a shock table, we vibrated the hell out of it. And that’s carried all the way throughout all those tests, so you can ensure that under the most extreme environments our system’s still there to protect you.

2:02 - All of us are very passionate about what we do because we are protecting not just valuable assets but we’re also protecting people.

2:10 - It goes beyond just having quick deliveries, having inventory, doing what we say we’re going to do. We can speak knowledgeably about their equipment and their industries. We understand the environments they’re working in, and we care about what they’re trying to do.

2:24 - We’re working on some of the biggest projects all over the world, but at the same time we’re able to treat everybody like they’re our number one customer.

2:32 - We’re the best in the industry and we’re only getting better. We’re going to continue to get better and that’s what we’re going to deliver to you.

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