Telematics: When Do You Want To Know Your Machine Is On Fire? Afex control unit with alert to discharge.

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Debido a que el fuego por naturaleza es impredecible, las empresas proactivas optan por invertir en sistemas de supresión de incendios para sus flotas de equipos pesados móviles. Pero en un momento dado es difícil saber si estos sistemas en el campo son completamente funcionales, listos para proteger sus bienes. Afortunadamente, eso está a punto de cambiar. Ahora puede obtener el estado de su sistema de supresión de incendios en tiempo real en cualquier computadora o en un teléfono inteligente para monitorear fuera de la oficina.

Real Time Remote Monitoring

At AFEX, we anticipated the opportunity to provide users with up-to-the-minute information about their fire suppression systems, an insight which led us to develop our systems to interface with telematics. As a result, the same dispatch system used to monitor machine hours, downtime, and fuel economy can now also conveniently provide our customers with real time updates. Whether it is factory installed telematics, such as CAT® Product Link™, or a third-party system used to unify mixed fleets, an AFEX fire suppression system can be tied in to provide vital information on its status. For example, if a system goes offline due to damage or tampering, alerts can be issued to key personnel instantaneously.

Once integrated, the dispatch system can notify the asset manager whenever a fire occurs without need of the operator’s involvement. The exact location of the machine at the time of the fire, the engine status and fire system response are all documented and subsequently relayed out within seconds as well. Additionally, if an operator manually activates the system, the event can be communicated and logged. In fact, when the system activates for any reason the manager and maintenance provider will know immediately. As an added benefit, connected fire systems can be configured for remote actuation. This feature in particular will become increasingly valuable as unmanned equipment becomes more popular.
AFEX Control Unit telematics

Regular Maintenance Alerts for Better Service

Knowing when and why maintenance needs to occur allows a fleet manager to manage resources more effectively. This is critical information when it comes to asset management, and with the help of telematics it can be provided at the same speed as today’s fast paced world of business. Providing accountability and a reliable event timeline also allows managers to properly evaluate the root cause and/or actions that led to the fire, as well as post-fire activity. And as anyone in the asset protection business knows, fast, pinpoint knowledge of a gap in protection can mean the difference between a few hours of maintenance and a total loss.

Unidades de Detección de Incendios para Sistemas Automáticos de Supresión de Incendios

Maximizing Productivity and Equipment Efficiency

As machines become more technologically advanced, AFEX continues to keep pace, capitalizing on the opportunity to increase the effectiveness of its fire suppression system’s communication capabilities. Our end users benefit since equipment service is done more promptly, which means the amount of time and money dedicated to upkeep is reduced.

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