Combatting Machine Fires: What to Look for in a Fire Suppression System

Raleigh, NC, USA, December 11, 2015 – In conjunction with AFEX, the Canadian Mining Journal has published a Special Report entitled, "Combating Machine Fires: What to Look For in a Fire Suppression System" in its December issue. As Canada's first mining publication, Canadian Mining Journal provides information on minería and exploration trends, technologies, mining operations, corporate developments and industry events. The article provides an overview of key considerations for purchasing agents in the market for vehicle fire suppression systems. It covers some particulars about the features and benefits of a rugged, purpose-built system.

Click here to read the digital edition of, "Combating Machine Fires: What to Look For in a Fire Suppression System."

About AFEX Fire Suppression Systems

AFEX Fire Suppression Systems delivers rugged, reliable fire protection solutions for heavy-duty mobile equipment that maximize machine safety and productivity. With over 50 years of industry experience and Factory Mutual, ActivFire, and CE approvals, AFEX is the leader in heavy equipment fire protection.

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