AFEX Fire Protection System Installed on Heavy Mining Equipment in Chile


Mine operators want a fire protection system that's effective, reliable, and automatic. Because a down machine can halt production, they need a system that's low maintenance and easily serviced.


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Liberty Frac Pumps with AFEX Fire Suppression Systems for the Digital Oilfield

Oil, Gas & Energy

Frac pumps, blender units, and diesel generator sets all present a significant fire risk and a fire on a single machine can rapidly spread and burn through the millions invested in the site.


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Forestry Fire Protection System


Today's forestry industry has better equipment, better trained operators, improved resource management and more sophisticated business management.


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Heavy Equipment in Steel Mill with Fire Protection System

Acero y escoria

Heavy equipment operating in steel mills faces some of the world's most abusive conditions. The extreme heat alone is enough to turn a leaking hydraulic hose into a blazing fire.



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Trash Compactor in Landfill with Fire Protection

Manejo de Residuos

Landfill equipment operates in a tough environment that has unique fire hazards. Hydraulic oil leaks and trash accumulations become fuels that ignite quickly, engulfing the machines in flames. 



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heavy equipment truck hauling coal from mine


Whether you're in underground mining or pushing coal in a coal yard, safety and productivity are top priorities. A vehicle fire puts your personnel and your productivity at risk. 



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construction shovel heavy equipment digging in rubble


Construction machinery works long hours under demanding conditions. Mechanical failures are an unavoidable part of doing business.



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Agriculture equipment (harvester, tractor, plow) with fire protection systems


Agricultural machines have a high risk of fires due to the buildup of debris such as straw and crop residue. Heat from the engine and exhaust components can ignite this debris.



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Fire Suppression System on Forestry Mulching Equipment

Productos de madera y papel

The equipment used for handling wood and paper products operates in an environment that has many unique fire hazards, including combustible debris. 



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