ISO 9001 Certification Announcement

AFEX Fire Suppression Systems Awarded ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Raleigh, NC, USA – AFEX Fire Suppression Systems is proud to announce that the company was awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification for our Quality Management System (QMS) by NSF International Strategic Relations on January 31, 2020.

The ISO 9000 family is the world's most best-known quality management standard. ISO 9001:2015 is built on various quality management principles, including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement. Using ISO 9001:2015 helps ensure that customers get consistent, good quality products and services.

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AFEX Fire Suppression Systems are Factory Mutual (FM) HDME Approved

AFEX Fire Suppression Systems Approved to Factory Mutual Standard 5970 – Heavy-Duty Mobile Equipment Protection Systems

Raleigh, NC, USA – AFEX Fire Suppression Systems is proud to announce that AFEX dry chemical, liquid agent, and dual agent fire suppression systems were awarded Factory Mutual (FM) 5970 Approval on September 21, 2017.

FM Approval Standard 5970 - Heavy-Duty Mobile Equipment Protection Systems, was developed over the course of four years, and represents a collaborative effort amongst FM Approvals and industry experts. This new standard represents the industry’s most comprehensive and rigorous testing program for vehicle fire suppression systems.

The effective date of FM Approval Standard 5970 is August 2018. Even systems that were previously approved under prior FM standards must be reexamined to FM 5970. Per FM, “Products FM Approved under a previous edition shall comply with the new version by the effective date or forfeit Approval.”

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AFEX Fire Suppression Systems Celebrates 50 Years in Business

AFEX Celebrates 50 Years

AFEX, the leading manufacturer of fire suppression systems for mobile heavy equipment is celebrating 50 years of helping customers maximize their safety and productivity.

Bill Lease founded the company in 1968 as Lease-AFEX, Inc., primarily to serve the Southeastern timber harvesting industry, and the waste handling industry shortly thereafter.

Bonaventure Group, Inc. purchased AFEX in 1986, and expanded into other heavy industries such as minería, steel, y las oil and gas as well as international markets.

Today, AFEX celebrates 50 years of systems that can be found on all seven continents, protecting all types of equipment. Although we have grown and expanded many times over, we remain focused on manufacturing solo effective, reliable, purpose-built products designed to withstand the abuse of heavy industry. It's all we do.

AFEX Equipped Battery-Powered LHD’s Headed to Vale Coleman

Vale's Coleman mine recently received two battery-powered Artisan A4 load-haul-dumps (LHDs) equipped with AFEX fire suppression systems for a six-month trial.

The A4 is powered by a lithium battery that provides four hours of operation on a one hour charge. Vale intends to pursue battery-powered vehicles for it's underground minerias across Canada when it's sure the technology will meet their needs and make economic sense. The goal is to reduce ventilation needs, and their associated costs, while also staying carbon neutral.

See here for more information on the A4 and Vale's plans.

Sistemas de Supresión de Incendios de Agente Dual en Equipos de Minería

AFEX Proporciona Protección Contra Incendios Innovadora Para Equipos Industriales

Como se muestra en Construction Equipment Guide.

AFEX fue pionera en los sistemas automáticos de supresión de incendios a fines de la década de 1960 en respuesta a los riesgos de incendio asociados con los equipos de recolección de madera en el sureste de los Estados Unidos. Hoy en día, los sistemas AFEX se pueden encontrar en los siete continentes para proteger equipos en todas las industrias pesadas, incluida la manipulación de residuos, la minería, el petróleo y el gas, y el acero.

AFEX se diferencia de otras empresas de protección contra incendios en que los sistemas de máquina y equipo pesado son el único objetivo de la empresa. Como tal, los sistemas están diseñados pensando en las máquina y equipo pesado desde cero. Este puesto de especialista permite a AFEX mantenerse al tanto de los cambios en la industria y ser el primero en responder a las necesidades de los propietarios y operadores de equipos.

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Cuatro Cosas a Considerar antes de Comprar un Sistema de Supresión de Incendios para Máquinas y Equipos Pesados

Como se muestra en SWANA Florida's Summer 2017 edition of Talking Trash.

El fuego pone en peligro a los operadores, conduce a costosas reparaciones o reemplazos de máquinas y pérdida de productividad debido al tiempo de inactividad. La industria de supresión de incendios de vehículos se basa en estos hechos simples, pero ¿cómo elige la mejor solución para sus necesidades únicas?

Las siguientes consideraciones son un buen comienzo para cualquiera que busque proteger equipos pesados.

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Sistemas de Supresión de Incendios AFEX en Bomba Frac

Los Sistemas de Supresión de Incendios Protegen las Plataformas de Fracturación en la Industria del Petróleo y el Gas

Como se muestra en E&P Magazine.

El fuego es lo peor que le puede pasar a un sitio de recolección de petróleo y gas natural. Todo el tiempo, el esfuerzo y los recursos dedicados a una buena almohadilla pueden esfumarse literalmente en minutos, como fue el caso en el condado de Monroe, Ohio. En este caso, afortunadamente no hubo heridos, pero hubo una pérdida total del equipo de superficie (que se estima en decenas de millones), una evacuación temporal de los residentes locales y la muerte de pez en un arroyo cercano que está siendo investigado por vínculos el incendio. Hasta ahora, la Agencia de Protección Ambiental, la Agencia de Protección Ambiental de Ohio y el Departamento de Recursos Naturales de Ohio han estado involucrados en el proceso de investigación.

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Liebherr with AFEX Fire Suppression Systems at MINExpo 2016

AFEX Fire Suppression Systems Featured on Liebherr and Ground Force Machines at MINExpo 2016

Raleigh, NC, USA – AFEX Fire Suppression Systems is pleased to announce that Liebherr Group and Ground Force Worldwide will feature AFEX equipped machines at MINExpo 2016, September 26-28 in Las Vegas, NV.

Liebherr Mining Equipment will feature the AFEX system on their T 284 mining truck. An advancement of the successful T 282, the T 284 continues to be the lightest (lowest empty vehicle weight) and most capable (highest payload) ultra-class mining truck, while offering reduced fuel consumption and emissions through a Tier 4f engine, delivering over 4,000 hp. This further improved machine enables customers to meet production targets with fewer trucks, or in less time.

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AFEX Fire Suppression Systems Now Factory Installed on John Deere Wheeled Feller Bunchers and Skidders

Raleigh, NC – As of July 21, 2016 AFEX systems are available as a factory-installed option on John Deere tracked feller bunchers, wheeled feller bunchers, and skidders. Simply choose the appropriate option code at the time of purchase to ensure your machine will be delivered with a factory approved fire protection system. The cost of the system will be included within the financing package, making for improved cash flow. Contact an AFEX Specialist at (919) 781-6610 or visit to learn more about this program.

AFEX and has also partnered with Paladin CustomWorks to offer AFEX fire suppression systems on any John Deere vehicle platform. Contact AFEX or Paladin to learn more.

AFEX Fire Suppression Systems Used in Army Corps of Engineers Special Project

In a notable first for Caterpillar Forest Products, three remote-controlled 521B feller bunchers were used to successfully clear a gunnery range, littered with unexploded bombs and other military ordnance, inside of Fort Bragg, NC. The machines, sourced through a partnership with Milton CAT and custom outfitted with a remote control system designed by Applied Research Associates, allowed them to remove nearly 1,000 acres worth of trees and vegetation from a safe distance.

Of course, a high-tech machine needs a high-tech fire protection solution. That’s where AFEX and Katahdin Fire Company come in. Using the Control Unit, Katahdin was able to integrate the vehicles’ AFEX fire suppression systems with their remote control systems, allowing the systems to be remotely actuated in the event of fire.

These state-of-the-art configurations were made possible by forward-thinking, technologically advanced companies pushing the envelope of what is possible with remote operated machinery. As more and more industries are moving towards remote and autonomous operations for safety and productivity, AFEX fire suppression systems will be ready to meet the demands of these technologies.