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Raleigh, NC, USA, February 23, 2022 AFEX Fire Suppression Systems, specialists in designing and manufacturing fire protection systems for mobile heavy equipment, has published a new whitepaper for industrial equipment owners and operators entitled, “What Are Heavy Equipment Fires Costing You?”. The whitepaper reveals eye-opening statistics related to vehicle fires in the USA and Canada, as well as the tangible and intangible impacts of fire on an operation. The publication aims to help professionals understand the severity of heavy equipment fires and reveal some practical measures to mitigate this serious risk.

Heavy duty foresty equipment fire on forestry machine

The Severity of Mobile Equipment Fire Risks & Seven Impacts

The whitepaper begins by laying out a simple fact: heavy-duty mobile equipment performs rigorous tasks day in and day out, typically in rugged environments. This type of wear and tear puts these million-dollar machines at significant risk for fire. And what may start as a small fire can quickly grow to overtake an entire machine, putting both production and your greatest asset, the equipment operator, at grave danger. The whitepaper discloses some staggering statistics around vehicle fires published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

The publication then discusses seven impacts resulting from equipment fires, all devastating to an operation. For instance, one might expect a mobile equipment fire to overtake the entire asset, but that fire may also spread to the resources being carried by or in proximity to the vehicle. Not only is there time and money involved in asset replacement, but valuable resources are lost – both impacting a production’s bottom line.

Practical Measures to Mitigate Heavy Equipment Fire

While there’s no sure way to completely prevent vehicle fires, the whitepaper concludes with some practical steps to lessen the chances, as well as minimize the impacts in the event a fire does occur. Four key methods are discussed, with only one capable of saving an asset from complete loss. The publication introduces fire suppression systems as mobile equipment’s first line of defense against fire, outlining how they work to target high-risk areas on a machine and extinguish flames quickly with minimal damage.

The new whitepaper, “What Are Heavy Equipment Fires Costing You?” is available at no charge on the AFEX website at: https://www.afexsystems.com/what-are-heavy-equipment-fires-costing-you/

What are heavy equipment fires costing you? Downloadable whitepaper.

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