Enhance your knowledge on fire suppression systems for heavy-duty mobile equipment by reviewing our comprehensive educational materials. Our collection includes informative whitepapers, engaging case studies, and webinars that delve into the intricacies of fire suppression systems specifically designed for these specialized machines.


What are heavy equipment fires costing you? Downloadable whitepaper.

What Are Heavy Equipment Fires Costing You?

One of the most common threats to your vehicle assets is fire. And failure to take the appropriate measures to mitigate a fire can put your operators, assets, and productivity in danger. Learn the seven impacts of a fire and a trusted safety accessory to protect your assets.

Vehicle fire suppression system whitepaper book mockup with Caterpillar Dozer and AFEX Fire Suppression System installed

The Ins and Outs of Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

Are you doing research into fire suppression systems for your heavy-duty mobile equipment? Explore common fire risks, how to select the right system for your machines, and key things to look for in a system manufacturer.

Ensuring Fire Suppression System Performance Through Routine Maintenance Whitepaper book cover

Ensuring Fire Suppression System Performance Through Routine Maintenance

Just like the machine itself requires maintenance to continue operating at maximum efficiency, fire suppression systems also demand regular upkeep. Learn about four inspection and maintenance recommendations now.

Whitepaper book cover. A large mining haul truck with an AFEX Fire Suppression System installed.

We Just Got Fire Suppression for Our Heavy Equipment. Now What?

You’ve invested in a fire suppression system for your heavy-duty mobile equipment. Whether the system is about to be installed or was just implemented, you may be wondering what comes next for ensuring the success of your project.


Case Studies

AFEX fire suppression system install on a caterpillar haul truck

B&B Hydraulics Finds Success Adding AFEX Fire Suppression Systems to Product Portfolio

B&B Hydraulics began the process of searching for a fire suppression system manufacturer to partner with who mirrored their own position on quality, reliability, and customer service.

Aljon compactor with an AFEX fire suppression system installed on it

Aljon, Solid Waste OEM, Selects AFEX Fire Suppression Systems for Client Safety

Aljon wanted to add fire suppression systems as a factory offering for their landfill compactors. The criteria? A high quality product, strong after-sales support, and experience.




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