Vehicle fire suppression system whitepaper book mockup with Caterpillar Dozer and AFEX Fire Suppression System installed

The Ins and Outs of Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

Fire poses a significant risk to an organization’s people, production, and assets. And, despite an operation’s best efforts to mitigate mobile asset fires, there’s only one sure way to protect against total equipment loss: fire suppression systems.

Are you doing research into fire suppression systems for your heavy-duty mobile equipment? This whitepaper explores common fire risks, how to select the right system for your machines, and key things to look for in a system manufacturer.

Download this whitepaper today to discover:

  • Five key components of a typical fire suppression system
  • Fire risks by industry
  • The importance of Fire Risk Assessments for selecting a system
  • System maintenance recommendations
  • And more!


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