Fire protection isn’t a product. It’s a process. Our team takes a programmatic approach to ensuring you have the protection you need for your equipment productivity and the safety of your personnel.  Our fire suppression equipment services provide you peace of mind that you’re implementing a durable, tested system custom-built for your unique machines and applications. And our support team performs on-site and classroom-style installation and maintenance training to ensure our valuable partners are educated and equipped. Explore our services below.

Heavy Equipment Operator Performing Fire Risk Assessment to Select Best Fire Suppression System

Fire Risk Assessments

Conducting an Equipment Fire Risk Assessment for New Fire Suppression Equipment


To maximize safety and productivity, we perform an assessment that analyzes the unique fire risks of your heavy equipment; the safety concerns of your operators; and the potential financial impact of a fire. Our Fire Risk Assessments allow us to work together to design and implement a custom fire suppression system to address the specific risks to your operations. These assessments benefit distributors, manufacturers and vehicle owners alike.

Equipment Evaluation Overview

Here are the main categories we’ll step through when conducting your Fire Risk Assessment:

  • Ignition sources – high temperature areas, electrical components, material being handled, welding/cutting
  • Fuel sources – Class A, B or C materials
  • Probability of co-existence of fuel and ignition sources
  • Personnel exposure
  • Economic risk
  • Risk reduction
  • Available fire suppression alternatives
  • Selecting fire suppression system hardware


We’re proud to provide fire suppression equipment that has been rigorously tested and approved by third-party compliance organizations specifically for use on off-road equipment. These third-party approvals are critical as they ensure our suppression systems have been properly designed for safe, effective operation and are capable of successfully protecting your equipment from fire.

Our dry chemical, liquid chemical and dual agent systems carry the following approvals:

These testing procedures simulate years of use in the field, ensuring you are receiving a quality fire suppression system that will perform as expected when you need it the most.

Compliance Icons for Fire Suppression Equipment

Installation and Maintenance Training

Technicians Installing Fire Suppression on Heavy Equipment


Our team of Product Support technicians provide detailed training for certified distributor partners performing fire suppression system installation and maintenance. In addition to project-specific training at a site location, our team also hosts an annual, two-day training school at the AFEX headquarters area in Raleigh, NC, USA. This training course covers the following topics:

  • Dry chemical, liquid chemical and dual agent system details and comparisons
  • Distribution, actuation and detection components
  • Pre-installation preparation
  • Installation best practices and tools required
  • Inspections and recharges
  • Post-fire investigations
  • Hands-on workshops

System Auditing

Heavy Equipment Operator Performing Fire Risk Assessment to Select Best Fire Suppression System


Each time a heavy equipment operator steps into a vehicle, they have a list of auditing procedures to perform that ensure proper operation and safety. When a fire suppression system is added to the equipment, our team provides your operators with a pre-shift system checklist to ensure the system is functioning at peak performance. This checklist includes the verification of…

  • No signs of a fire having occurred on machine
  • No sign of dry or liquid chemicals on machine or ground
  • Green “POWER” LED on control panel is blinking or illuminated
  • “TROUBLE” light on control panel is not illuminated
  • No visible damage to any system components, including tanks, mounting brackets, hoses, etc.
  • Portable fire extinguisher is charged and in the proper place

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