Our heavy duty mobile equipment fire suppression systems are designed to operate under the harshest conditions in a variety of industries. Fire protection looks different depending on the size and purpose of a vehicle, as well as the operating environment. We have decades of experience consulting end users on the right fire suppression system to suit their unique applications. Explore a variety of key industries that have trusted AFEX fire protection systems to protect operators, assets and productivity.

Dual Agent Fire Suppression Systems on Mining Equipment


Deploying some of the largest and most expensive pieces of heavy equipment available, the mining industry requires fire protection that is effective and automatic, while also being low maintenance and easy to service.

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Liberty Frac Pumps with AFEX Fire Suppression Systems for the Digital Oilfield

Oil, Gas & Energy

Frac pumps, blenders, gensets and other equipment along a hydraulic fracturing spread operate very close to flammable materials. If fire ignites on a single machine, it can spread rapidly, halt operations and cost millions of dollars.

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Forestry Fire Protection System


Logging equipment is often operated in remote areas. As a result, a small fire can rapidly turn into a much larger fire, resulting in total loss of both capital and production while simultaneously skyrocketing insurance rates.

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Heavy Equipment in Steel Mill with Fire Protection System

Steel & Slag

Trucks, loaders and carriers operating in steel mills are exposed to extreme environmental heat capable of turning a leaky hydraulic hose into a blazing fire that puts capital and personnel at high risk.

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Trash Compactor in Landfill with Fire Protection

Waste Handling

Landfill equipment operates in a tough environment with unique fire hazards. Hydraulic oil leaks and trash accumulations can ignite quickly, engulfing expensive machines in flames in a matter of minutes.

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heavy equipment truck hauling coal from mine


Whether pushing coal in a yard or mining underground, equipment fires are a threat. Not only is coal dust highly flammable, but stockpiles produce extreme heat that can cause both safety and capital risks.

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construction shovel heavy equipment digging in rubble


Heavy duty machinery at construction sites work long hours making them susceptible to unavoidable mechanical failures. These failures can cause expensive fires that often result in total loss and halted operations, costing operations time and money.

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Agriculture equipment (harvester, tractor, plow) with fire protection systems


Agricultural machines, such as combines and pickers, can experience debris buildup that is easily ignited by hot, operating engine and exhaust components. Not only can a fire destroy a machine, but also the surrounding crops.

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Fire Suppression System on Forestry Mulching Equipment

Wood & Paper Products

The handling of wood and paper products exposes heavy equipment to hot temperatures that present many fire hazards. In addition to initial fire flareups, debris can smolder and ignite fires for hours after initial spark.

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