heavy equipment truck hauling coal from mine

We take fire safety seriously.

Whether you're in underground mining or pushing coal in a coal yard, safety and productivity are top priorities. A vehicle fire puts your personnel and your productivity at risk. Coal power plants also have to deal with the risk of an equipment fire spreading to the resource, causing an even greater safety and capital risk.


Our advantages

  • Reliable and dependable fire suppression
  • Telematic automation integration
  • Purpose built to withstand everyday abuse
  • Dry, liquid, and dual agent systems
  • Dealer installed options
  • Expert support and training


Fortunately, an AFEX fire suppression system is the perfect solution to this potential problem. They are the most rugged available on the market, and they have been proven over and over again across the heavy industries. Your critical LHDs, loaders, dozers, drills, and underground trucks can all be protected with an AFEX system.


  • Operator injuries
  • Negative impact on production
  • Unwanted attention for the utility company
  • Asset/resource itself is at risk

No matter what the driving purpose for utilizing fire suppression, it is paramount that if and when it is needed, the system must perform. You can rely on AFEX when it comes to fire protection because we are specialists and heavy equipment fire suppression is all we do.


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