The number one preventable cause of timber harvesting equipment loss is fire. Equipment losses are not only losses in capital, but also losses in production. In response to these losses, insurance companies are raising rates, increasing the overhead burden on logging operations. AFEX automatic fire suppression systems effectively mitigate the risk of fire in the forestry industry, protecting equipment assets, people and production.

Forestry Fire Protection System

Common Fire Risks in the Forestry Industry

There are a variety of fire risks present at forestry operations, to include:

  • Large volumes of hydraulic fluid under high pressure can cause hoses to leak or rupture
  • Engine compartments designed to minimize debris accumulation can inhibit access for routine cleaning and restrict effectiveness of handheld fire extinguishers and water tanks.
  • Engine compartments located at the rear of the machine, such as on feller bunchers, hide fire from site, making early detection difficult.

Since logging equipment is often operated in remote areas away from local fire departments, a small fire can quickly turn into a total loss.
Forestry Equipment with Fire Suppression in Wood and Paper Industry Stacking Logs
Timber harvesting with skyline crane and manipulator in autumnal


Timber Harvesting Equipment Protected from Equipment Loss with Fire Suppression Systems


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Forestry Equipment Fire Protection Flyer

Track Record of Fire Protection in Forestry

AFEX knows the forestry industry. The first fire suppression systems we built over 50 years ago were made for forestry machines in North Carolina. And, although technological advances have since introduced machines of greater size and strength with greater fire risks, AFEX fire suppression systems are scalable, capable of protecting these advanced pieces of equipment.

Forestry Fire Suppression System Features

  • Dry chemical systems for reliable, dependable fire suppression
  • Control panels for audible and visual alarms in event of fire
  • Advanced vehicle connectivity for remote fleet management
  • Dealer installed options
  • Expert support and training
  • Third-party tested and approved by FM HDME, Activfire and CE


AFEX Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System

The Most Versatile Fire Protection System

Dry chemical fire suppression systems provide the fastest fire knockdown and greatest total coverage, making them the industry standard for heavy equipment applications. This system provides fire protection against Class A (debris), Class B (fuel), and Class C (electrical) fires by flooding a volume of space with an agent to suffocate the flames.

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