AFEX Fire Protection System and suppression system installed on heavy mining equipment in chile

What does equipment downtime cost you?

The machines used in the mining industry are some of the most expensive pieces of heavy equipment available. For this reason, mine operators want a fire protection system that's effective, reliable, and automatic. Because a down machine can halt production, they need a system that's low maintenance and easily serviced.


Our advantages

  • Reliable and dependable fire suppression
  • Telematic automation integration
  • Purpose built to withstand everyday abuse
  • Dry, liquid, and dual agent systems
  • Dealer installed options
  • Expert support and training


The AFEX system is purpose-built to withstand the everyday abuse present in the mining industry. AFEX systems are commonly installed on wheel loaders, dozers, and excavators. Our 125 lb. tanks, 30 lb. tanks, and dual agent (dry and wet chemical) systems are perfect for larger machines such as haul trucks and hydraulic shovels.

Our system is rugged and easily serviced in the field with common hand tools. We know the mining industry and understand the demands of your operation. We supply many of the largest mines around the globe with reliable, low maintenance fire suppression systems.

If you are serious about protecting your equipment against fire, then rely on AFEX, as a specialist, to offer you the best solution.


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