Hydraulic fracturing spreads and drilling operations pose a logistical nightmare when it comes to fire. Fracing vehicles operate side-by-side with little room between each piece of equipment. This type of environment allows fire to easily spread while also impeding the efforts of firefighting measures. Frac pumps, blenders, and diesel generators all present significant fire risks, threatening to burn through millions of dollars in a matter of minutes. AFEX fire suppression systems attack the source of the flames before they have a chance to spread.

Liberty Frac Pumps with AFEX Fire Suppression Systems for the Digital Oilfield

Common Fire Risks at Oil Fields

There are several onshore fire risks that threaten production at oilfields. Some of these risks include:

  • Tier IV engines on larger machines operate under high temperatures
  • Natural gas used as fuel in operations to meet ESG goals
  • Zipper fracing requires longer operational cycles with less machine downtime
  • 95% of all new wells to be hydraulically fractured

In general, fracing operations are running a higher number of hotter running machines, with more volatile fuels, operating at 23-24 hours per day. This results in greater risks of frac pad fires.

These tougher operating conditions require more effective fire fighting means. Portable extinguishers and improvised systems will no longer cut it when it comes to protecting an operation’s people and productivity.


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Automatic Fire Suppression Systems Protect Production

Backed by 50+ years of experience, AFEX fire suppression systems are a proven safety and productivity product that stand ready to fight a machine or genset fire at a moment’s notice, attacking the source of the flames before they have a chance to become established and spread to other vehicles. Built ruggedly and reliably, fire suppression systems can keep up with the rigorous demands of fracing operations.

Oil, Gas & Energy Fire Suppression System Features

  • Dual agent systems for reliable, dependable fire suppression
  • Control panels for audible and visual alarms in event of fire
  • Engine shutdown package to limit fire intensity
  • Advanced vehicle connectivity for remote fleet management
  • Dealer installed options
  • Expert support and training
  • Third-party tested and approved by FM HDME, Activfire and CE


AFEX Dual Agent Fire Suppression System


As equipment manufacturers design machines that are more powerful and productive, the risk of more severe fires due to increased heat throughout the engine compartment and hydraulic systems grows. A dual agent fire suppression system combines the benefits of dry chemical with liquid agent to address these risks.

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