A fleet of Liberty frac pumps with AFEX fire suppression systems installed, oil, energy and gas Fire Protection System

Protect Your Frac Pumps, Blenders, Drills, and Diesel Gensets

The physical layout of the average hydraulic fracturing spread or drilling operation is a logistical nightmare when it comes to fire. Fracking vehicles operating side-by-side with little room between them create an environment where fire can easily spread and access for fire fighting is nonexistent. Frac pumps, blender units, and diesel generator sets all present a significant fire risk and a fire on a single machine can rapidly spread and burn through the millions invested in the site.


Our advantages

  • Reliable and dependable fire suppression
  • Telematic automation integration
  • Purpose built to withstand everyday abuse
  • Dry, liquid, and dual agent systems
  • Dealer installed options
  • Expert support and training


Thankfully, there is already an established way to combat fire on heavy equipment. AFEX fire suppression systems are a proven safety and productivity product that stand ready to fight a vehicle or genset fire at a moment’s notice, attacking the source of the flames before they have a chance to become established and spread to your other machines. And, with the AFEX Control Unit, you can monitor your fleet and even discharge the system from a remote location.

Safeguard your personnel and the environment, protect your investment, and keep your profits flowing by investing in AFEX fire suppression systems today.

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