Heavy equipment operating in steel mills face some of the world’s most abusive conditions. Wheel loaders and slag pot carriers come in direct contact with molten slag at temperatures over 2000°F. This extreme environmental heat can quickly turn a leaky hydraulic hose into a blazing fire that puts capital and personnel at high risk. Fire suppression systems are commonly installed on pot and slag carriers, large fork trucks, loaders, and other handling equipment to minimize the impact of a fire and maintain the safety of the operators.

Heavy Equipment in Steel Mill with Fire Protection System

Common Fire Risks in the Steel & Slag Industry

There are a variety of fire risks present at steel & slag operations, including:

  • High temperature operating environment 
  • Hot molten material handling 
  • Operator safety 
  • Flammable dust and debris buildup
Special Fire Protection for Steel and Slag Handling Equipment


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Proven Equipment Fire Protection in Steel Industry

AFEX’s customers in the steel industry include numerous transfer stations across the United States, operated by International Mill Service, Olympic Mill Service, and Phoenix Steel. AFEX has a specially designed fire suppression package for hot slag handlers that includes a manual back up system delivering two system discharges for maximum protection. The first discharge knocks down the fire and allows the operator to maneuver the vehicle to a safe location away from the work area. In the event of fire reignition, the operator may actuate the reserve system to suppress the fire a second time.

Steel & Slag Fire Suppression System Features

  • Dual agent systems for reliable, dependable fire suppression
  • Control panels for audible and visual alarms in event of fire
  • Engine shutdown package to limit fire intensity
  • Advanced vehicle connectivity for remote fleet management
  • Dealer installed options
  • Expert support and training
  • Third-party tested and approved by FM HDME, Activfire and CE


Conducting an Equipment Fire Risk Assessment for New Fire Suppression Equipment

Fire Risk Assessments

To maximize safety and productivity, we perform an assessment that analyzes the unique fire risks of your machines, the safety concerns of your operators and the potential financial impact of a fire. This assessment allows us to provide you with a custom fire protection system to fit your unique needs.

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