steel slag Fire Protection System

AFEX Systems Can Take the Heat

Heavy equipment operating in steel mills faces some of the world's most abusive conditions. The extreme heat alone is enough to turn a leaking hydraulic hose into a blazing fire. Equipment fires put capital and personnel at risk. To prevent fire losses, steel and slag handling equipment requires special fire protection..


Our advantages

  • Reliable and dependable fire suppression
  • Telematic automation integration
  • Purpose built to withstand everyday abuse
  • Dry, liquid, and dual agent systems
  • Dealer installed options
  • Expert support and training


To reduce the risk of fire reflash, consider an AFEX dual agent system. We also offer the only manual back up system that delivers two system discharges to give you maximum protection in a dangerous environment. The first discharge knocks down the fire and allows the operator to maneuver the vehicle to a safe location away from the work area. In the event of re-ignition, the operator may actuate the reserve system to suppress the fire a second time.

AFEX systems are commonly installed on pot carriers, slab carriers, large fork trucks, wheel loaders and other slag and steel handling equipment. Our customers in the steel industry include numerous transfer stations across the US operated by International Mill ServiceOlympic Mill Service, and Phoenix Steel.

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