Raleigh, NC, USA, April 27, 2015 - Visitors from around the world received two days of intensive training on the AFEX product line and the state of the fire suppression industry recently. The annual event, held at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel and Convention Center in Durham, NC, had outstanding participation, which included a night out to the Durham Bulls ballpark for participants to take in a game while fostering relationships.

Combination of Hands-On and Classroom Instruction

A broad range of topics ranging from various system applications, to correct system configuration, to appropriate system sizing, was covered by presenters at the School. Among the specifics discussed were the continuing emergence of dual agent systems, which use both dry chemical and liquid suppression agents together, and the importance and value of third-party certifications. Training sessions included extensive hands-on exercises with the telematics-compatible AFEX Control Unit, as well as a review of a number of industry technology trends, such as Tier 4 engines and autonomous vehicles.

Control Unit installed on heavy duty equipment for Fire Protection

The presentation was supplemented with a number of videos, including a segment focused on fire suppression from the History Channel produced “Rise of the Machines” television program. A focus again was placed on customer service, including an emphasis on thorough documentation for the end user and operator training. A certification test was given to all attendees at the closing of the event.

“The Training School gives our partners the opportunity to meet with their peers and discuss their field work in a more direct way than they otherwise would, which is something we always hear is much appreciated,” says Rod Cavallaro, Vice President of AFEX. “AFEX would like to thank the participants for the commitment they have shown through their attendance. As an organization, we truly appreciate the chance to share with our network of service providers the most current and relevant trends and insights we’ve identified across the many disciplines of our industry.”