AFEX Annual Training School 2024 participants

Raleigh, NC, USA, May 7, 2024 – AFEX Fire Suppression Systems, specialists in designing and manufacturing fire protection systems for heavy-duty mobile equipment, proudly announces the successful conclusion of its largest distributor training school event to date, held on April 9-10, 2024 in Raleigh, North Carolina. The annual, two-day training event serves to educate new and established distributors on fire suppression system trends, components, and best practices for installation and maintenance. This opportunity for continuing education ensures AFEX distributors are best equipped to provide end user customers with the highest level of service.

Distributors Representing 15 Countries Receive Continuing Education

AFEX partners with a network of distributors across the globe to facilitate fire suppression system installations. To support these installations, the 2024 training school was attended by distributors representing a total of fifteen countries, including the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Spain, and Chile, among others.

For two days distributors were instructed by the AFEX product support and engineering teams on a variety of topics, including product enhancements, third-party certifications, and installation and maintenance best practices. AFEX provided distributors with details surrounding the enhanced performance of the new certified fluorine free liquid agent, as well as certification renewals to ActivFire AS 5062:2022 and FM 5970:2022 HDME standards. The training school also showcased a dozen informative training videos and a hands-on session with the AFEX Control Unit.

Newmont, Leader in Gold Mining, Speaks on Value of a Fire Risk Assessment

AFEX was honored to welcome a special guest speaker at the training school event. Ms. Imelda Romero, HME-FiRM Analyst, of Newmont, the world’s leading gold company, shared invaluable insights into operator and asset protection strategies, including the importance of a Fire Risk Assessment and the development of their unique Fire Risk Management (FiRM) program for mobile equipment. Distributors gained firsthand understanding of Newmont’s proactive approach towards fire prevention and had the opportunity to engage with Ms. Romero on the implementation of fire suppression systems across Newmont’s mine sites.

“We deeply value the dedication of our partners and their commitment to continuing education through participating in our annual training school,” said Rod Cavallaro, President of AFEX. “This event provides an opportunity to share industry trends and reinforce best practices with our distributors – and we get the chance to collect valuable feedback to keep improving. It's particularly gratifying to have had Newmont share their experience with mobile equipment fire protection with our distributors. Thank you to all who participated.”

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