AFEX Liquid Agent Fire Suppression System Becomes First to Achieve AS 5062:2022 Certification fire testing with fluorine free liquid agent

Raleigh, NC, USA, April 2, 2024AFEX Fire Suppression Systems, specialists in designing and manufacturing fire protection systems for heavy-duty mobile equipment, today announced that their liquid agent system has completed rigorous testing to become the first vehicle fire suppression system to achieve the ActivFire® AS 5062:2022 approval. This certification assures AFEX customers that the system with a new liquid agent called SAFE-X has been thoroughly validated by a reputable third-party and found to be effective at suppressing mobile equipment fires.

AFEX’s Liquid Vehicle Fire Suppression System Achieves AS 5062:2022 Certification

AFEX has a long history of certification with ActivFire®, achieving initial AS 5062 approval of its fire suppression systems in 2012. At the tail end of 2022, the Australian Standards (AS) Standard’s Committee updated the AS 5062 standard to a 2022 version that expands testing criteria, system performance, and agent content representation. AFEX was up to the task.

SAFE-X fluorine free liquid agent suppressing fire in AS 5062:2022 standard fire testing

Two representatives of ActivFire® Scheme traveled to Raleigh, North Carolina. Dr. Christopher Preston, Director, Infrastructure Technologies at CSIRO, alongside colleague Kai Loh, Executive Officer of CSIRO’s ActivFire® Scheme, witnessed the AFEX system and SAFE-X agent undergo the AS 5062:2022 fire performance test schedule.  Tests were conducted using the most disadvantaged nozzle across the most disadvantaged system size. New to the 2022 revision, the disadvantaged nozzle must extinguish a fire within 80% of the effective discharge time in 2 out of 3 tests in both the direct and indirect application tests.

“The AS 5062 standard is designed to push a [fire suppression] system to its limits,” explained Christopher. Christopher has spent the last 10 years assisting ActivFire® with fire suppression system projects and has led the AS 5062 revisions alongside industry representatives. “The testing we conduct verifies a system’s mechanical components and fire performance, as well as the agent’s chemical components, all with the goal of giving clear demonstration that a system works as defined by the standard test methods.”

“The AFEX system extinguished the fires well within the requirements of the standard,” said Christopher. “The effective discharge time of the AFEX system was 30 seconds, and the fires were extinguished in an average of 5-6 seconds, or within 20% of the effective discharge time. They also passed two tests sequentially without the need for additional tests.” Effectively, this means that the AFEX system with SAFE-X performed 4 times faster than the standard required.

And, upon completion of the testing process, AFEX’s liquid chemical fire suppression system became the first system certified to the 2022 revision of AS 5062. Kai related his experience working with AFEX. “It was straightforward and easy. The AFEX team was extremely organized, thorough, and very professional.”

AS 5062:2022 Certification Sets Benchmark for “Fluorine Free” Agents

When the 2022 revision of the AS 5062 standard was released, it included something that no other mobile vehicle fire suppression system standard had done at the time. It set a benchmark for what exactly constitutes a “fluorine free” agent, requiring that levels of fluorinated organics not exceed 1 mg/kg (ppm).

As a result, the AFEX liquid agent’s chemical make-up was tested and evaluated to this first of its kind benchmark. ActivFire verified and validated that AFEX’s new SAFE-X wet agent met the non-fluorinated requirement as set out by AS 5062:2022. Additionally, AFEX successfully demonstrated that SAFE-X, as an agent, is a significant improvement to fighting fires on heavy-duty mobile equipment as it suppressed fire with half the agent, in half the time when compared to the traditional fluorinated wet agent previously used by the company.

The introduction of SAFE-X to the AFEX product line marks a commitment to both the environment and fire safety in heavy industry. And to be the first to achieve AS 5062:2022 certification validates AFEX as a leader in the industry.

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