Raleigh, NC, USA, April 9, 2024AFEX Fire Suppression Systems, specialists in designing and manufacturing fire protection systems for heavy-duty mobile equipment, today announced that their liquid agent system with new SAFE-X agent has achieved FM Approval’s FM 5970, 2022 edition certification. FM 5970 was specifically created to test the effectiveness of fire protection systems installed on heavy-duty mobile equipment (HDME).

FM Approvals is an internationally recognized organization with over 100 years of experience in third-party testing and certification. They evaluate loss prevention products with the goal to “verify [the products] work each and every time they are used.” For fire suppression system certification, FM Approvals conducts over 100 tests specific to the wear and tear experienced by HDME, such as shock and vibration, corrosion resistance, and temperature exposure.

FM 5970:2022 HDME Certification Achieved on Liquid Vehicle Fire Suppression System

AFEX's liquid agent tanks against a black background with smoke filtering on the side

AFEX fire suppression systems have carried FM Approvals certification since the introduction of FM 5320 in 2009. In 2017 a new standard, FM 5970 for heavy-duty mobile equipment, was released and all AFEX systems achieved certification in 2018. Now, with the introduction of the new SAFE-X liquid agent, it was a natural step for the company to seek approval to the FM 5970, 2022 edition standard.

Representatives from FM Approvals witnessed testing performed at AFEX’s headquarters that pushed the liquid agent fire suppression system to its limits. After testing over the course of several days, the system was approved to the FM 5970:2022 standard, certifying that its performance and safety were in line with the requirements of the standard.

“With so much at stake in the industries we work in, we believe in investing the time and resources to give our clients peace of mind that they’re selecting a fire suppression system that works when it’s supposed to. Seeking certification to the FM 5970:2022 standard for our liquid fire suppression system with new SAFE-X agent is a testament to that,” said Rod Cavallaro, President of AFEX. “The FM Approvals testing is designed to simulate real world scenarios, and when our system was put to the test, it had no trouble meeting the requirements of the standard.”

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Amy Coulter
Marketing Manager
AFEX Fire Suppression Systems

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