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Raleigh, NC, USA, July 25, 2023 – AFEX Fire Suppression Systems, specialists in designing and manufacturing fire protection systems for heavy-duty mobile equipment, has partnered with Aljon Series by C&C Manufacturing to supply fire suppression systems as an option for clients when purchasing their purpose-built landfill compactors. 

Based out of Ottumwa, IA, Aljon is an OEM of compactors, scrap processing equipment, and snow removal machines, with an especially strong presence in the solid waste industry. The company has been supplying proven, reliable equipment to customers globally for 60 years. Their success is rooted in their ability to supply not only a quality product, but a quality customer service experience.

Fire Safety a Top Priority in the Landfill Environment

Through Aljon’s decades of experience supplying end user clients in the waste handling industry with landfill compactors, they realized an opportunity to address a common risk – equipment fires. Mobile equipment in the waste industry operates under conditions ripe for a fire hazard. Hydraulic oil leaks and trash accumulation are common in a landfill environment and can quickly cause a fire, putting the operator, equipment, and operation in danger. With this in mind, Aljon decided to bring on fire suppression systems as an offering alongside their compactors to provide their clients with a total solution for their operations. 

Greg Shockley, Aljon’s Division Sales & Product Manager, Solid Waste Division, expressed,

“About 90% of our end users prefer to protect their investments with fire suppression due to the high risk of fire in the landfill application. Safety is everyone’s top priority, and having a fire suppression system on our machines provides a much safer product for the operator, as well as the overall landfill operation.” 

Fire Suppression Systems to Address Client Fire Risks

Aljon knew they wanted to partner with a fire suppression system manufacturer but required certain criteria to be met before moving forward. They sought a supplier with a high quality product; a strong after-sales support platform; and proven experience in the landfill sector. After reviewing their options and several internal discussions, Aljon decided to partner with AFEX Fire Suppression Systems. 

“AFEX was clearly the right partner for us,” relayed Greg. “They met all the criteria we were looking for, and the fact that AFEX specializes in supplying fire suppression for heavy-duty mobile equipment also made it clear they were the right choice.” 

With the partnership secured, the team at AFEX began discussions with Aljon to address the specific fire risks of their landfill compactors. AFEX technicians conducted a Fire Risk Assessment to identify potential fire hazards on each of the three Aljon compactor models. With the results of the assessment, coupled with the known fire risks of mobile equipment in landfill environments, AFEX recommended a dual agent fire suppression system to protect Aljon’s compactors. Dual agent systems combine the benefits of dry chemical powder and liquid agent to target hot surfaces for fast cooling and protection against fire reignition, the ideal solution for debris fires. 

Strong Partnership for a Seamless Experience

AFEX made it a priority to collaborate with Aljon to create as seamless an ordering and installation process as possible. AFEX invested engineering and technical expertise in developing an installation manual specific to the Aljon compactor, providing precise guidelines and images to facilitate high quality and efficient installations. The Aljon and AFEX team also continue to meet regularly to discuss opportunities for improvement and ways to continue to strengthen the partnership. 

Greg related the Aljon team’s satisfaction in choosing to partner with AFEX.

“I would highly recommend partnering with AFEX. The attention AFEX has dedicated to our needs, which correspond to our customers’ needs, and the timely response to our customers after the sale is second to none. Any supplier who has a product on our machines is on our team – we are one team – and we are particular with who we trust our reputation with. AFEX has demonstrated to us that they can be trusted with our reputation.”

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