Heavy duty equipment fires can be devastating to an operation. A single downed machine can cost thousands of dollars a day in lost production. Fire is a real threat to operators, assets and productivity. Fire suppression systems are made to reliably withstand the most rugged conditions.

Explore our fire suppression system options below.

Fire Suppression Systems Tanks Protect Heavy Equipment Investments
AFEX Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System

Dry Chemical Systems

Dry agent fire suppression systems work by flooding a volume of space with a fire fighting agent to suffocate the flame for fast fire knockdown.

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AFEX Liquid Chemical Fire Suppression System

Liquid Chemical Systems

Cooling hot surfaces quickly with a layer of foam, liquid chemical systems separate fuel hydrocarbon molecules to suppress fires, fighting reignition and pooled fuel fires.

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AFEX Dual Agent Fire Suppression System

Dual Agent Systems

Combining the benefits of dry and liquid chemical systems, dual agent systems are the most effective way to address high risk fires on heavy duty mobile equipment.

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Fire Detection Units for Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

Detection & Monitoring

Advanced monitor panels detect and alert to activation of automatic fire suppression systems, allowing for a customized system that can remotely monitor and discharge.

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Fire Suppression Horn and Strobe Gives Audio and Visual Indicators for Enhanced Safety


Enhance your heavy-duty mobile equipment fire suppression system with accessories, including engine shutdown and fire alarm horn and strobe.

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AFEX Automatic Fire Suppression System Control Unit Version 1.7

The Industry-Leading Display Just Got Better

Our Control Unit detects and alerts to fire suppression system activation, allowing for remote monitoring and discharge. And our display just got an upgrade, featuring increased data logging storage, enhanced surge protection, and more.

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