Our fire suppression systems are available with several accessories that enhance their overall fire-fighting effectiveness and increase communication with on-site staff. Each of these add-ons are available with our three systems: dry chemical, liquid chemical, and dual agent.

Control Unit installed on heavy duty equipment for Fire Protection

Engine Shutdown Package

Dual Agent Fire Suppression Systems on Mining Equipment


If a vehicle fire is fueled by a ruptured hydraulic line or failure of a fuel line component, a running engine will continue to feed the fire with fluid or fuel. To limit damage from fires intensified by hydraulic fluids or fuel, the Engine Shutdown Package automatically powers down the vehicle engine and radiator fan as the fire suppression system discharges, reducing or eliminating the fire’s fuel source. In turn, the chance of re-flash after initial suppression is significantly reduced.

  • Reduces fire reignition after initial suppression
  • If spliced into the fuel pump, the engine shuts down after 5-8 seconds from system actuation
  • Available with automatic and manual systems
  • Considered an additional fire-fighting measure as defined in EN 13478:2001, Article 6.4
  • Satisfies NFPA 122 (automatic fire suppression system installed so that system actuation causes shutdown of the protected equipment)
  • Third-party tested and approved by FM HDME
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Advanced Vehicle Connectivity

Fire Detection Units for Automatic Fire Suppression Systems


New equipment usually comes with an advanced vehicle or fleet management system. Your fire suppression system can seamlessly integrate with these management systems for enhanced functionality. Using our Control Unit detection panel, integration with your vehicle telematics system is possible. This enhanced connectivity can allow you to check the system status remotely, alert your service provider in the event of a discharge, or even allow you to discharge the system via remote control.

Example Connections

  • Remote system monitoring
  • Remote system discharge (autonomous applications)
  • Electronic pushbutton discharge
  • Email or SMS system status alerts
  • Engine shutdown
  • Custom vehicle shutdown protocol
  • External fire alarm horn or strobe
  • Problem and alarm recording (including manual system discharge)
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Fire Alarm Horn and Strobe

Fire Suppression Horn and Strobe Gives Audio and Visual Indicators for Enhanced Safety


While a detection and monitoring device inside the cab alerts the driver to a fire on their vehicle, it is critical to provide external audio and visual indicators to enhance the safety of all workers nearby. Our optional fire alarm horn, in conjunction with a control panel, notifies other drivers, ground workers and managers of a fire, while the flashing strobe lights warn hearing-impaired workers.

Fire Sleeves

AFEX Fire Suppression Systems provide firesleeve protection for hoses


Providing added wire and hose protection, our fire sleeves can withstand continuous heat exposure up to for 15-30 seconds. The sleeves are comprised of a fiberglass inner layer and silicon outer skin for additional heat and flame resistance.

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