Control panels are crucial to an effective heavy equipment fire suppression system. When the system detects a fire or other operational problem, a signal is sent to the control panel to alert the cab driver to act. The panel may alert the operator with flashing LED lights, an audible alarm, and, on certain models, an intuitive LCD screen. This constant system monitoring by the control panel protects the machine operator, allows for quick discharge to suppress a fire, and minimizes overall equipment damage.

Our control panels for automatic fire suppression systems are available in two models to fit your unique needs and desired features.

Fire Detection Units for Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

Control Unit – Advanced Defense System

This industry-leading fire detection display is durable, powerful and easy to use. The Control Unit’s integrated LCD display is intuitive, assuring the machine operator that their equipment is being actively protected. Should a problem condition arise, an on-screen message combined with both audible and visual alarms will notify the operator. The system will also store the alert on the Control Unit’s internal log for quick and easy troubleshooting in the field.

The Control Unit is also highly configurable; multiple input and output circuits allow for fire suppression system customization ideal for the unique needs of your operations. The programming can be accomplished right at the panel with no need for external hardware.

AFEX Fire Suppression Control Unit installed on CAT966M-Wheel Loader
AFEX Fire Suppression System Control Unit installed and Actively Monitoring Heavy Duty Equipment
AFEX Control Unit Installation on CAT Wheel Loader for Fire Detection

Control Unit Features

  • Programmable LCD display available in multiple languages
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Internal data log for troubleshooting
  • Telematics connectivity for remote system monitoring, real-time system statuses and manual system actuation
  • 1-year stand-alone power
  • Up to two simultaneous detection circuits with adjustable delay
  • Compliant with ISO 13766 and other EC standards
  • Third-party tested and approved by FM HDME, Activfire and CE
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Telematics Connectivity

Using outputs from the Control Unit and inputs on a vehicle’s telematics system, equipment owners can remotely monitor their automatic fire suppression systems. They even have the ability to manually discharge the suppression system when signaled by the vehicle remote control.

Control Unit Monitors and Alert to Activation of Automatic Fire Suppression System

Our Control Unit integrates with virtually any vehicle management system, including:

  • CAT Product Link
  • Komatsu Komtrax
  • Case SiteWatch
  • Trimble VisionLink
  • Navman Wireless
  • J1939 CAN Bus
  • Jigsaw
  • Telogis
  • Modular Mining


AFEX Automatic Fire Suppression System Control Unit Version 1.7

Control Unit Upgraded with More Features

Our Control Unit has been leading the pack for nearly a decade, but we’re always striving to make our systems better. Recently upgraded, our Control Unit has increased data log storage, a real-time clock for time-stamped entries, and upgraded EMI and power surge protection.

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Circuit Monitor Panel (CMP) – Basic Monitoring Done Well

The CMP is a basic fire detection panel done well. Using a combination of LED lights, buttons and a horn, the panel regularly monitors the vehicle’s fire suppression system and keeps the equipment operator informed of the system’s status. At indication of a fire, the display will activate the suppression system automatically while notifying the operator to evacuate the vehicle immediately.

Circuit Monitor Panel (CMP) for Vehicle Fire Monitoring and Alerting

CMP Features

  • Visual problem and alarm statuses
  • Audible alarm
  • Test mode
  • Adjustable delay
  • One detection and one actuation
  • External power required
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