Dry chemical fire suppression systems provide the fastest fire knockdown and greatest total coverage, making them the industry standard for heavy equipment applications. Dry chemical systems provide fire protection against Class A (debris), Class B (fuel), and Class C (electrical) fires. This system is effective by flooding a volume of space, such as a vehicle engine compartment, with a fire fighting agent to suffocate the flame.

AFEX Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System

Dry Chemical System Features

  • Total-flooding, especially in well enclosed areas
  • Unparalleled fire knockdown speed
  • Spring loaded hinges keep nozzles clear of debris with minimal maintenance
  • Manual and automatic system discharge
  • Small footprint
  • Class A, B and C fire protection
  • Available in 20, 30, 60, 125 lb. sizes
  • Suitable for temperatures as low as -40°F (-40°C)
  • Third-party tested and approved by FM HDME, Activfire, AS 5062, and CE
Schematic for Dry Chemical Fire Protection System


Conducting an Equipment Fire Risk Assessment for New Fire Suppression Equipment

Fire Risk Assessments

To maximize safety and productivity, we perform an assessment that analyzes the unique fire risks of your machines, the safety concerns of your operators and the potential financial impact of a fire. This assessment allows us to provide you with a custom fire protection system to fit your unique needs.

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Dry Chemical Fire Protection System in Action

Watch as the conical discharge nozzles deliver broad distribution of a dry chemical agent to maximize coverage and extinguish the vehicle fire quickly.

System Accessories

  • Stainless steel tubing distribution replaces need for costly, timely hose replacements
  • Telematic integration via Control Unit detection panel
  • Engine shutdown package limits intensified fire damage due to hydraulic fluids or fuel
  • Fire sleeves for wires and hoses provide additional heat and flame resistance
  • Horn and strobe for secondary audio/visual indicator of alarm condition
  • Pushbutton for electronically monitored means of manual system activation


Mining Heavy Equipment with Fire Suppression

Fire Protection Systems Made for the Mines

Heavy equipment used in the mining industry are some of the largest and most expensive pieces of machinery available. Our fire protection systems are purpose-built to withstand the everyday abuse your equipment experience. Supplying many of the largest mines in North and South America, our systems are reliable and low maintenance.

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