Liquid chemical fire suppression systems provide exceptional cooling abilities to suppress Class A (debris) and Class B (fuel) fires. The liquid agent works by cooling hot surfaces, separating fuel hydrocarbon molecules to prevent fire reignition and forming a layer of foam to suffocate flames. Liquid systems are especially designed to protect high risk vehicle components, such as turbochargers, exhaust components, and Tier 4 aftertreatment components.

AFEX Liquid Chemical Fire Suppression System

Liquid Chemical System Features

  • Effective at cooling hot surfaces in open areas
  • Fight against fire reignition
  • Penetrates debris and suppresses pooled fuel fires
  • Manual and automatic system discharge
  • Class A and B fire protection
  • Available in 5, 15, 30 gal. sizes
  • Suitable for temperatures as low as -40°F (-40°C)
  • Third-party tested and approved by FM HDME, Activfire, AS 5062, and CE
Schematic for Liquid Chemical Systems that Cool Equipment Fires



Combining the Benefits of Liquid & Dry Chemical Agents

As equipment manufacturers design machines that are more powerful and productive, the risk of more severe fires due to increased heat throughout the engine compartment and hydraulic systems grows. A dual agent fire suppression system combines the benefits of dry chemical with liquid agent to address these risks.

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Liquid Chemical Suppression System Fighting Equipment Fires

Watch as the liquid chemical agent forms a film over the fire to remove oxygen, cool high heat components and interrupt the spread of equipment fire.

System Accessories

  • Stainless steel tubing distribution replaces need for costly, timely hose replacements
  • Telematic integration via Control Unit detection panel
  • Engine shutdown package limits intensified fire damage due to hydraulic fluids or fuel
  • Fire sleeves for wires and hoses provide additional heat and flame resistance
  • Horn and strobe for secondary audio/visual indicator of alarm condition
  • Pushbutton for electronically monitored means of manual system activation


Liberty Frac Pumps with AFEX Fire Suppression Systems for the Digital Oilfield

Oil, Gas and Energy

Fracking vehicles operating side by side with little room between them create an environment where fire can easily spread. The tight space allows for little to no access to fire fighting measures. Equipment fire protection systems attack the source of the flames before they have a chance to spread. Safeguard your investments today.

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