A Caterpillar dozer with a dual agent fire suppression system installed. "Fire Suppression Agents: Are two really better than one?"

Fire Suppression Agents: Are Two Really Better Than One?

Are you researching fire suppression systems to protect your operators and mobile equipment? If so, you’re likely weighing the pros and cons of the different types of agents available in these systems, striving to select the one that will be most effective at fighting the types of fires associated with your application. While there are several types of agents offered, the two most popular for suppressing vehicle fires are dry powder and liquid chemical. But could the combination of these two really be the most effective? Are two agents better than one? 

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AFEX Fire Suppression Systems dual agent system installed on a Caterpillar Haul Truck

AFEX Publishes Whitepaper on Key Next Steps after Installation of Fire Suppression on Heavy Equipment

Raleigh, NC, USA, June 27, 2023 – AFEX Fire Suppression Systems, specialists in designing and manufacturing fire protection systems for heavy-duty mobile equipment, has published a new whitepaper for the owners and operators of vehicles with fire suppression systems entitled, “We Just Got Fire Suppression for Our Heavy Equipment. Now What?”. The publication outlines vital next steps after the purchase and installation of a fire suppression system to help maximize effectiveness and longevity, ultimately ensuring the safety of the equipment operator. 

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A mining haul truck on fire that that needed a fire suppression system

Heavy Equipment Fires: 4 Steps for Operator Safety Using an Onboard Suppression System

You’ve invested in fire suppression systems for your fleet of heavy-duty mobile equipment, so it’s clear you prioritize the safety of your people. A key next step after the purchase and installation of a vehicle fire suppression system is operator training. Under a stressful situation, it’s easy for your operator to panic. But, with the proper training ahead of time, your operator can remain calm during a fire and execute the proper steps to actuate the system to safely exit the machine.

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Group picture of all the AFEX Fire Suppression Sytems distributors and staff who attended AFEX Technical Training School

AFEX Fire Suppression Systems Provides Continuing Education to Distributors at Annual Training School Event

Raleigh, NC, USA, April 27, 2023 – AFEX Fire Suppression Systems, specialists in designing and manufacturing fire protection systems for heavy-duty mobile equipment, held its annual distributor training school event on April 18-19, 2023, in Raleigh, NC, USA. AFEX partners from around the globe were invited to convene for continuing education and discussions around fire suppression system installation, maintenance, and inspection. At the conclusion of the event, distributors completed an exam to obtain a two-year certification, arming them with the knowledge and skills to support the AFEX system. 

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AFEX fire suppression system install on a caterpillar haul truck

B&B Hydraulics Finds Success Adding AFEX Fire Suppression Systems to Product Portfolio

Raleigh, NC, USA, March 28, 2023 – B&B Hydraulics has had a reputation for quality work, timely service, and competitive prices since their inception in 1989. Headquartered in Hutchinson, KS and servicing several states in the Midwest, B&B offers a wide product portfolio specific to outfitting and repairing vehicles of all sizes with parts ranging from hydraulic cylinders, automated lubrication, and valves, to motors, pumps, hoses, and more. In 2021, after numerous requests from existing customers with heavy equipment, B&B decided to explore adding fire suppression system solutions to their existing portfolio.

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African continent with mining truck and backdrop of african mine with header Expanding Footprint in Africa - Growing Heavy Equipment Fire Suppression System Presence in the Continent

AFEX Expands Footprint in Africa, Growing Heavy Equipment Fire Suppression System Presence in the Continent

Raleigh, NC, USA, February 22, 2023 – AFEX Fire Suppression Systems, specialists in designing and manufacturing fire protection systems for heavy-duty mobile equipment, recently announced its official expansion into the African market. AFEX began making significant investments in sales and marketing in late 2021 to better serve the needs of end users, equipment dealers, and OEMs across the continent by supplying its third-party approved fire systems through a trusted distributor network.

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How relevant is thrid-party testing for automatic fire suppression systems. A man and a woman inspecting a heavy duty equipment fire suppression system.

How Relevant is Third-Party Testing for Automatic Fire Suppression Systems?

When deciding on the best automatic fire suppression system for your heavy-duty mobile equipment, there are several factors to take into consideration. In addition to a manufacturer’s experience and the knowledge of their distributor network, system quality and reliability hold considerable weight when making a purchase. Sure, you can ask a manufacturer about the dependability of their fire suppression systems; however, third-party testing will give you peace of mind you’re making the safest choice for your organization.

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Ask These 5 Questions When Evaluating a Heavy Equipment Fire Suppression System Provider blog post header with image of excavator in the background

Ask These 5 Questions When Evaluating A Heavy Equipment Fire Suppression System Provider

You’re convinced of the importance of heavy equipment fire suppression systems for mitigating the risks associated with fires. Your next step is to select a system manufacturer you’d like to work with. With so many choices, how do you ensure you’re choosing the best partner with the most reliable product? 

Based on decades of experience interacting with end users, equipment dealers, and distributors, we’ve compiled a list of five questions to ask when evaluating a potential fire suppression system partner. 

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The ins and outs of vehicle fire suppression systems blog header with dozer and an AFEX Fire Suppression System installed

The Ins and Outs of Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

Heavy-duty mobile equipment assets carry out essential duties across a variety of industries. Performing this work is not easy on the equipment. Hydraulic shovels, haul trucks, wheel loaders, and similar off-road equipment execute rigorous tasks under some of the harshest conditions – extremely hot temperatures, moving and pushing combustible debris, engines running constantly without breaks. In such dangerous environments, measures must be taken to protect these machines from risks capable of compromising or completely halting operations.

One significant risk to an operation is fire. What may start as a small fire can quickly grow to overtake an entire mobile equipment asset. To combat this risk, organizations across the globe are implementing vehicle fire suppression systems. Let’s explore the ins and outs of these unique systems.

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